The Flu Code

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The Flu Code is an approach to controlling the spread of pandemic flu through voluntary cooperation.

Flu Code 0.1Beta English - A Public Service from The Institute for Collapsonomics.

In a flu pandemic area:

1) If I have any signs of possible flu infection I will stay at home.

2) I will stay away from crowds whenever possible and always wear a mask while in public places.

3) I will cleanse my hands at the doorway when I arrive at my destination.

4) I will encourage other people to follow these rules to protect us all.

The Flu Code Video

Thanks Debbie and Lloyd.

History & Links

We were talking about pandemic flu in late April and came up with this concept.
It is still in development. The key principle is to protect each other by being responsible.
These rules should be followed by everybody in any pandemic-affected area.

WIRED's panflu primer mentions the Flu Code.

The original Flu Code blog post.

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David Nabarro, London, May 20 2009

David Nabarro - Contemporary and future challenges to public health, including pandemic influenza

In six parts - introduction, public health, epidemeology, and three sets of questions. @hexayurt attended and shot the video, which is in the public domain. Discuss this video here.









La promesse grippe 0.1Beta, version franues

1) Si j'ai des signes d'un grippe

2) Si j'ai des signes d'un grippe sible, et je vais toujours porter une masque dans les lieux publiques.

3) Je vais laver les mains a la porte chaque fois je arrive a ma destination.

4) Je vais me engager de enseigner ces regles aux autres pour proteger tous.

Thanks Jeff.


¡Antigripéate! Consejos para evitar la propagación de la gripe

1) Si creo que tengo síntomas de una infección, me quedaré en casa.

2) Aunque no me sienta mal, evitaré concentraciones de gente y siempre llevaré una máscara en lugares públicos.

3) Me lavaré las manos cada vez que llegue a algún sitio.

4) Animaré al resto de gente a seguir estos consejos para el bien de todos.

Thanks Moof.


In una zona di influenza pandemica:

1) Se ho qualunque segno di una possibile infezione, rimarró a casa.

2) Staró lontano dalle folle e, ove possibile, indossero' una maschera in luoghi pubblici.

3) Mi puliró le mani alla porta quando arrivo alla mia destinazione.

4) Incoraggeró altre persone a seguire queste regole per proteggerci.

Thanks to Ale Fernandez.